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The Technophiles. Games: we tested… Saints Row on PS5

In recent years, fruitful brainstorming has been linked so that the second degree is the norm in the Saints Row franchise. And then after chaining and then building an empire, we wondered how the developers were going to achieve the final episode. Eventually, it will be a reboot. Or how the boss got to the top? It is therefore with a new and more down to earth idea that Volition Games takes us on this adventure which smells of gunpowder and dollars picked up on the ground. First steps: the body of our future gang leader must be chosen carefully, and down to the smallest detail.

This is the story of four friends

The boss Kevin, Eli, Neenah and the inevitable cat Biscotte decide, because life is too hard and paying rent is even harder, to come together to build their business from A to Z in the middle. .

Three other gangs already share the “resources” of Santo Ileso. The Idols are colorful in all colors as long as they are flashy: the Panteros, as well as Marshall Defense Industries whose boss has already collaborated with their ruthless director. After choosing a place suitable for their name, the real adventures and thefts can finally begin. Especially since they own empty plots in the city. Inevitable confrontations will then shake and tighten the quartet, which will increase in skills.


The enemy factions will then multiply the different types of fighters. And, sometimes it can turn into trouble. Idols rushing like kamikazes to slap their bats, fireworks, motorcycle shooters, excess machine guns, etc. can knock out the boss and his friends. Any loss dear to his heart will end the game.

Unfortunately, the picture is not so idyllic as that. Indeed, recurring bugs come to disintegrate an action yet well provided. Enemy who stays on his motorcycle while the pilot is killed, fighter taking a selfie while he is targeted, etc. Also, the aiming camera is not very optimized, and we quickly feel overwhelmed because the field of vision is insufficient.

You can also shoot from a roof of a car during certain chases, which brings adrenaline and more spice. But sometimes just getting out of the vehicle takes us straight to the roof. It will be necessary to press the corresponding button again to find the ground of the cows. Larger vehicles, apart from large 4x4s, will be difficult and painful to maneuver. The fault with a physics which considers that the center of gravity is very low.

Trace his path

The idea of ​​going back to basics and discovering the origins of Saints Row seems like a good idea. The cutscenes telling the story make you want to get involved in the criminal enterprise that is emerging. The four characters with a very different character provide the foundations of the scenario.

Despite bugs that will be resolved via future updates, Saints Row, by its rhythm, its main missions as well as its challenges and other secondary objectives give a good lifespan. The costumization of the characters as well as the size of the map and its night and day light effects, and its daily activity are enough to have fun.

Without comparing it to GTA V, Saints Row is a decent alternative while waiting for other DLCs.