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The story of the altercation according to CM Punk and Ace Steel

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For several days now, the world of wrestling has been living to the rhythm of revelations concerning the altercation between CM Punk/Ace Steel and The Elite.

Today we learn from Fightful additional details about this story with the version of CM Punk/Ace Steel relatives.

Fightful tells us that The Young Bucks showed up outside CM Punk’s locker room and banged on the door multiple times in varying degrees of violence before they “kicked down the door” according to some claims. CM Punk and Ace’s version Steel is said to have landed the first punch which was missed by Matt Jackson and CM Punk responded Nick Jackson was taking it in. Kenny Omega and Ace Steel then rushed into the room Ace Steel then allegedly exploded in rage (no pun intended) biting and throwing chairs because his wife was in the room.

According to other reports heard by Fightful, Kenny Omega didn’t seem upset or pissed off, but then things got out of hand and he ended up getting bitten. The altercation would have been very long and the exchanges of pleasantries did not stop after the fight.

There are other rumors that CM Punk injured his triceps during the fight, but people close to him say the injury happened while diving during his fight at All Out. He was also seen putting on ice after the fight and during the altercation.

Fightful ends by stating that this account is a version of the story and that we should not draw hasty conclusions until the light has been fully shed.

photo credit: AEW