You are currently viewing The sports connected watch is at a knockdown price just before Prime Day!

The sports connected watch is at a knockdown price just before Prime Day!

News good plan The sports connected watch is at a knockdown price just before Prime Day!

With the GT Runner, Huawei offers a connected watch for athletes, whatever their level. Track your activity and get fit for a lower price right now just before Prime Day!

The Huawei Watch GT Runner connected watch is on sale just before Prime Day at Amazon

With connected objects, we can manage more and more aspects of our daily lives. Connected to our smartphones, they allow us both to increase the sound of the music we listen to in transport and to turn off the light that we had forgotten when leaving, while managing our health. In short, the possibilities are numerous and adapted to all tastes.

And in this connected world, watches have also taken this step, going beyond their status as simple time givers by making them able to accompany us in all our sports training through numerous sensors!

This is the case of the Huawei Watch GT Runner which is currently at a reduced price at Amazon just before the start of Prime Day.

  • Instead of 249 €, it is available at 199 €.
  • You can therefore save €50 here, i.e. a reduction of 20%.

Buy the GT Runner for €199 at Amazon

Huawei Watch GT Runner: a connected watch for athletes

Huawei packed the GT Runner with plenty of features for sports enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Running program, indication of running performance, training suggestions, personal coach based on your characteristics, your watch even allows you to manage your recovery time after a training session!

The GT Runner gives you precise tracking of your heart rate, a compass and a barometer, a follow-up of your state of health but also simpler applications which allow you to take photos remotely, control your music or make calls by Bluetooth.

If going hiking for two weeks doesn’t scare you, know that this watch will be there to accompany you with its autonomy which can last up to 14 days from a full charge! Even in case of intensive use, you can count on an autonomy of 7 days. And if you need to use it a little longer than expected, you can even charge it with a mobile phone with reverse charging.

And to assist you during your walks, you can rely on the five main satellite navigation systems so you never risk getting lost!

Buy the GT Runner for €199 at Amazon

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