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The Spanish game TAPE: Unveil The Memories will have its physical PS5 version – PXLBBQ

Next month, October 21, CAPEa video game developed by BlackChiliGoat Studio, supported by PS Talents and distributed by Gammera Publishing, will be available as a digital edition for PS5 on PlayStation Store and also, in physical edition at Meridiem Games, these editions will contain improvements such as: haptic vibrations, adaptive triggers, Dualsense 3D sound and native 4K resolution.

A unique narrative fused with gameplay full of puzzles and riddles. This is how the developers like to present TAPE: Unveil the Memories, a project that has already made a name for itself among followers of the mystery genre. “It’s packed with cinematic references from classics like The Shining and Twin Peaks,” the design team explains. The story of TAPE represents the society of the 90s in Galicia and pays homage to the classics of horror cinema that will influence the main character, Iria.

You must be wondering what the story is about. It takes place in an obscure Galician village, called Antumbria, in the 90s. Iria watches the content of a VHS. Her father, a famous horror film director, asks her for help on screen. After listening to the recording, Iria immerses herself in her memory. By using her father’s camcorder to navigate through her memories, she will uncover her family’s hidden secrets. The player and Iria will face the truth together on the other side of the camera lens.

If you already love storytelling, you’ll love the mechanics of the game. Solving the puzzles will require you to research outside of the video game, in videos or on actual websites. Without it, it is impossible to beat the game. Also, using the camcorder, the player can act on the objects inside the game, flash them forward or backward, using time to solve riddles.