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The simple solution to transform any bike into an electric bike

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Whether you live in the capital where the new traffic plan in force since mid-August is causing discord among commuters, or whether you are located elsewhere in Belgium, you may have decided to take advantage of this back-to-school season to get your bike out. , especially to get to work. But there is no question of arriving with a soaked shirt at the office! However, the idea of ​​investing in an electric bike does not appeal to you: firstly because it is a hell of a budget, and secondly, you still have your old bike gathering dust in the garage and still working perfectly. , so why change it?

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It is quite possible to electrify your bike without having to change it. It is in fact a wheel that we simply target instead of the front wheel. Concretely, the wheel is equipped with a motor whose power and assistance will vary from one brand to another. On the market, there are also a large number of them – from the simplest kit simply comprising the wheel to the more sophisticated kit where we find on-board computer, battery and a whole host of accessories – intended to give you the life on your two wheels easier and allow you to minimize costs.

An alternative to electric

Indeed, it is necessary to count minimum 500€ for a first price electric bike, and for a top-of-the-range version, the prices can even climb up to more than 6000 €. By opting for the electric kit, even the cheapest bike on the market can provide us with real electric assistance at unbeatable prices. The Teebike brand, for example, offers a wheel at €795 equipped with a 250 watt motor and providing assistance of up to 25 km/h. The wheel is available in all sizes, from 20 to 29 inches to be able to adapt to any type of bike. Bicycle, mountain bike, whatever type of bike you ride since the wheel is directly connected to a mobile application that works via Bluetooth. So you can even take out your oldest bike and take advantage of the turbo mode for your next bike rides.

An ecological concept

The electric bicycle kit is not new. It intends to provide an intermediate solution for people who do not wish to invest in an all-electric vehicle, but above all it responds to one of the major concerns of our time: overconsumption. In China, bicycle cemeteries are commonplace: there you can find thousands of abandoned bicycles. It is from this sad observation that Laurent, at the origin of the Teebike project, launched his concept of electric wheel. Its goal ? Offer a second life to unused bicycles, but also avoid the logic of throwing everything away. Want to pedal without too much effort and without blowing the budget? Now you know what you have to do!

Find out where to find the Teebike concept near you.

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