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“The secret kitchen”: What is the principle of the great novelty of the “Best Pastry Chef”?

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The start of the school year promises to be greedy on the small screen. Whereas master chef is making a comeback on AB3 and France 2 this Tuesday, The Best Pastry Chef will take off for an eleventh season on September 12 on RTL-TVI, still in the company of Marie Portolano, Cyril Lignac and Mercotte. After the good audiences of last season, the production of the show went all out to surprise viewers again by adding some new features to the classic events.

For the 100th issue of the show, Cyril Lignac is launching a major challenge to the candidates. The pastry chef will give a kind of masterclass during which his students will have to reproduce his famous “Croque-Noisette” at the same time as him. “It was nice to make a cake together in the rhythm of professionals. A bit like in Everyone in the kitchen. It put a very good atmosphere and a little pressure“, explains Cyril Lignac.

During the adventure, the pastry chefs will also have the opportunity to earn points by obtaining the “coup de coeur” from the guest chef. “Twice a candidate managed to save his place in the competition thanks to a crush“, explains Marie Portolano. “When you have great pastry chefs who come, it’s important to ask them for their opinion, which hasn’t been the case so far. They tasted without giving rating. This time, there is a real contribution from the guest chef.”

The icing on the cake will be put in the second part of the evening with the “secret kitchen”, an additional step which will allow the eliminated candidates to win their ticket to return to the competition. “The first week, two pastry chefs will be eliminated. These will clash in the secret kitchen (installed outside the main tent, Ed.). Whoever wins the duel will stay and so on every week. The objective is to win his place under the tent“, details Jérémie Atlan, director of entertainment at BBC Studios. The two candidates will be judged by the Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Christophe Renou. The precise moment when the eliminated candidate will rejoin the adventure is however kept secret. “Sometimes you can miss your week, get out of the competition because you were less efficient once. It happens even to the best“, says Cyril Lignac.

A Belgian in the casting

As every year, Belgium is represented in The Best Pastry Chef. This time, it is Adelina, manager of a ready-to-wear boutique, who will defend our colors. “I found it great. She is super nice with the little accent that we like“, launches Cyril Lignac about our compatriot before making an observation: “For a few years, we have had great Belgian pastry chefs, which was not the case at the beginning. We had very few Belgians who went far in the adventure.“Let’s hope that, this season again, Belgium will shine behind the stoves!