You are currently viewing The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to have the same telephoto lens as the S22 Ultra, but that’s not a bad thing

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to have the same telephoto lens as the S22 Ultra, but that’s not a bad thing

Rumors are starting to swirl around Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 series. Regarding the Galaxy S23 Ultra model, it would keep the same telephoto lens found on the S22 Ultra.

The photo modules of the S22 Ultra. // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

We don’t expect it until next year, but we’re dying to know more about Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series. According to information from Galaxy Clubthe Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra would be entitled to the same telephoto lens as found on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

A 10 Mpx telephoto lens for an X10 optical zoom

For the Dutch media, the Ultra version of the Galaxy S23 would be equipped with a telephoto lens associated with a 10 Mpx sensor with an X10 optical zoom, without having more details. We do not know the reference of the photo sensor, but we can think that it is the same one that equips the Galaxy S22 Ultra, with a lens that opens at f / 4.9 and an angle of 11 °.

An X10 optical zoom, there was already one on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and it is in fact the same. Under the right conditions, this sensor can do some wonders. The latter has autofocus and optical stabilization.

S22 Ultra-14
The back of the S22 Ultra stands out with sobriety. // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

One could say to oneself that it is a bad thing, a mark of laziness, the demonstration of the expression ” rest on its laurels from Samsung, but not necessarily. This module, already offered on the Ultra versions of the Galaxy S since the S21 Ultra, is very good and an X10 telephoto lens remains very rare, even on the very high end.

What we know about the other sensors of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has another telephoto lens, X3 this time. We don’t know if Samsung will keep it for its S23 Ultra, but it too is very good, we can think that the brand is keeping this 10 Mpx sensor as well. However, other rumors report that the Galaxy S23 and S23+ will retain the X3 telephoto lens from the S22 versions.

The S22 Ultra removes its photo block. // Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

What is most anticipated is the main sensor of the S23 Ultra which could be 200 Mpx. This is the ISOCELL HP3, which would significantly improve the quality of pixel binding on smartphones, namely the combination of several pixels into one to provide more light. A sensor that was formalized by Samsung a month ago, without saying where it can be found. It could also be the 200 Mpx ISOCELL HP1 too, unveiled last year. Other rumors, however, claim that Samsung would not use either, but would equip the Galaxy S23 Ultra with another main sensor, as of yet not revealed.

Among other rumors related to the Galaxy S23 series, we can think that Samsung would no longer use Exynos chips, but could call on MediaTek for certain versions. To finish on the photo part, the selfie cameras could be even better.

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