The sad end of compact smartphones

Apple will announce the new iPhones next week. And this new generation will mark the end of “small” telephones. Shame.

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Lhe days when everyone laughed at the outsized size of the first Galaxy Note are long gone. In 2011, we invented a term to designate this new range of smartphones with colossal measurements: “phablet”, contraction of telephone and tablet. Ten years ago, the specialized site Les Numériques even warned: to use the telephone correctly, you had to use both hands. Or a stylus.

But the music has changed. Now, the 14 by 8 centimeters of the Galaxy Note have become the norm. Thus, the standard iPhone 13, which roughly uses the same format, is now a compact phone. And we are only talking about the size of the device here. The technology of the screens having evolved a lot in ten years, these now cover almost the entire machine. This requires even more digital gymnastics. Especially if we try to reach the upper left corner of the device.

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