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The real reasons for the cancellation of Romeo Elvis’ tour in France!

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Angèle’s brother nevertheless specified that the concert at the Accor Arena in Paris, the former Bercy, remained on Thursday, November 24. The Belgian did not expand on the nature of this technical incapacity. It is said that his team was the victim of the tsunami of concerts whose dates had been postponed because of the Covid. We also talk about the shortages affecting the sector. Some workers who felt abandoned and who were forced into unemployment went to other sectors to see if life was not better there…

Six dates on the way

Some gossips, but not only them, give other reasons. Just see the comments left at the end of the press articles announcing the cancellation of the tour. “Normal, the tickets did not sell”, we often read. In fact, six dates, only in France, were canceled over a period from October 8 to November 13. These are the concerts at the Zénith de Lille, Amiens, Toulouse and Strasbourg as well as the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon and Le Liberté in Rennes. These are not small rooms.

The Paris concert is therefore maintained. “Which seems normal to me because it is a postponement from 2020”, analyzes a specialist. In fact, Romeo Elvis’ concert was initially scheduled for March 26, 2020 and then Sunday October 4, 2020 before being postponed for the penultimate time to Sunday May 30, 2021. The cause? The Covid epidemic, of course.

Yesterday, on the site of the organizer, one could note that the room, large moreover, was not filled. There were 1,126 seats left out of the 16,000 and a few made available. In terms of “standing” places, it was impossible to know the number, but there were still some left. “The excuse given for the technical problem is relatively bogus. The last album is a bitter failure. Romeo Elvis is ubiquitous at summer festivals and sales of his fall/winter theatrical tour were poor, ”says another industry pro. Who continues: “There are signs that do not deceive. Romeo Elvis is on sale in the rotten games hosted by Camille Combal on TF1. As much to tell you that in terms of credibility in the middle of rap/hip-hop, it’s bloody”.

Others talk about the sexual assault case that would have left its mark. Since then, the singer has however married…

So, can we speak of a bitter failure for Romeo Elvis’ third album, entitled “Anything can happen”? “The album, in France, is lost at 146th place in the ranking. In Belgium, he dipped to 26th place,” we are told. An album released on May 26. We go through the rankings of the Syndicat national de l’édition phonographique (SNEP) for France and the Ultratop for Belgium. It’s a fact, the album quickly plunged into limbo despite a nice stealth flight in Belgium. From first in the first week to June 4, it dropped to 2nd (Week 2), 8th (Week 3), 14th (Week 4 and 5), 19th (Week 6), 20th (Week 7) and 23rd ( Sem 8) before occupying his current position. At the level of the Top 50 singles in Belgium, “Que je marche” occupied the 49th place on June 4 before disappearing. Since then, nothing.

In France, it’s worse but the market is bigger and the competition is stronger. Before having plunged to 146th place, the album was 6th on its release but the fall was fierce: 39th, 75th, 97th, 121st, 124th, 135th then 141st place. Not a single single appeared in the SNEP ranking.

On Spotify, “The Address” has been downloaded 1,121,000 times. “Sun” had been 57 million times. On a monthly average, Romeo Elvis is downloaded 1.5 million times on Spotify. Like Grand Corps Malade.

Pierre Nizet

And the others ? Are they heavily downloaded on Spotify? Angèle, the sister of Romeo Elvis, runs on an average of 5.8 million plays per month. This is less than Stromae (10.7 million) but more than Damso (4.4 million), Clara Luciana (1.7 million), Bif Flo & Oli (2.1 million) or even Orelsan (3.1 million ). The Belgian’s album “Forget everything” has been downloaded …. 111 million times. On a monthly average, Billie Eilish is at 50 million downloads, Coldplay at 53 million.

In the Top 200 albums sold in the 1st semester in France, that of Romeo Elvis does not appear. It’s a bit normal considering that it only came out on May 26th. The leading trio is made up of Orelsan with his “Civilization”, Ninho for his “Jefe” and Stromae and his “Multitude”. Angèle’s “Nonante-Cinq” is sixth and Damso’s “Qalf Infinity” is 21st. Frédéric François in duo is in 142nd place and Selah Sue (“Persona”) in 177th.

In terms of “streamed” singles in France, again for the first six months, it is Ninho who monopolizes the first two places with “Jefe” and “WS”. Angèle and her “Demons” is seventh, Stromae and “L’Enfer” is twelfth. Belgian radius, follow Lost Frequencies with the remix of “Where are you now” (28th), Damso and his “Macarena” (70th) as well as his “Morose” (114th). “Libre” by Angèle is 135th and “Et Bam” by Mentissa is 149th. In 155th and 169th places, we find Damso with “Mosaic solidarity” and with “Report”.