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The rant of a Colruyt customer: “It’s a bit like adding hidden costs”

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Emir, a Collect & Go user, had the unpleasant surprise of seeing a big difference between the prices of his groceries and those in the store.

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Emir, an avid user of Colruyt’s Collect & Go service, discovered a big difference between the prices of products in stores and those charged by the platform. According to RTL Info, in total, this difference in amount climbs to nearly 100 euros. How can such a discrepancy be explained?

Between his large family, the cost of living and inflation, the Colruyt store appeared to him as the sign with the most interesting prices. Emir says: “I mainly shop there because Colruyt has a reputation for having attractive prices. When you go shopping twice a month for a family of five, it inevitably goes up high. The fact of being able to shop online also interested the dad.

Only, Emir had a bad surprise by looking more closely at his receipts. When comparing the price of his groceries in stores and his groceries online, he was struck by the difference in the amounts. Without even taking delivery costs into account, he said he was surprised to find that with equal races, the total sum of his races was always higher when compiled by Collect & Go.

He pushes his curiosity further to arrive at the bitter observation that the prices are also different when comparing in stores or on the website. “In store, I noticed that some products cost about 30 cents less than online. It may not be much, but on the total number of races it represents a lot. The problem is that they don’t mention that clearly,” he says.

Brand’s reaction

Colruyt management reacted, not seeming surprised. Prices would apparently be compared online and in stores with eligible retailers in the region. Colruyt then claims to offer the best price, based on competing drives and the relevance of the products. The prices of the platform can therefore be compared with a Drive Carrefour, for example.

“In other words, a price reduction in a Colruyt store does not automatically apply to the Collect & Go collection point which is attached to it since the price comparison is carried out on two different bases (online or in store). And vice versa. In fact, overall, 60% of the products available at Colruyt or on Collect & Go have the same price. The rest will depend on the promotions online and in physical stores in progress with our competitors,” explains Colruyt.

Prices may therefore fluctuate, both in-store and online. They can sometimes be higher online, sometimes in stores.

Anyway, the surprise was total for Emir, who regrets that the stores do not communicate more on the subject. He says he continues to use the service, but has reduced its use to cases of extreme urgency.