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The production BMW XM on the run

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Purists of the propeller brand jumped on discovering the BMW XM concept car at the end of last year. Announcing a model designed 100% by the BMW M department of the brand, something that had not happened since the legendary M1 of 1978, it takes the form of a large plug-in hybrid SUV with an extraordinarily massive design. While the evolution of BMW’s style has been talked about a lot for a few years, the proportions and the spirit of this new model have little to do with the sports cannons of the Bavarian brand. After the concept car, we will soon discover the production model which should arrive on the market in the course of the year 2023. And as often with the models in preparation kept secret by the manufacturers, this future BMW XM is the victim of leaks of an intellectual property office. The images below allow you to see the lines of the future production model for the first time.

Not so outgoing, the future BMW XM?

If the design does not change much compared to the concept car of last year, the machine seems much more discreet on these schematic images which probably do not highlight it at all. The stern becomes more classic with lights with a less futuristic design and overall the machine could almost fit into the normal range of BMW.

Several plug-in hybrid versions

In terms of performance in any case, this future BMW XM will position itself above the X5 M and other current X6 M. In its entry-level version, it will develop 653 horsepower via a new V8 coupled to one or more electric motors. A more powerful variant with around 750 horsepower will also be available. Its chassis will take over the CLAR platform inaugurated in 2015 by the old BMW 7 Series, but it will be thoroughly reworked by BMW M engineers. This large plug-in hybrid SUV will also be able to drive at least 30 kilometers in 100% electric mode. It will attack the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid and other Lamborghinis Urus. But will it make the true BMW fan dream?