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The price of bottled water in Plopsa Coo irritates visitors

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On social networks, visitors to the amusement park are annoyed to see the prices increase so much, especially for bottled water.

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Visitors to Plopsa Coo are chafing at rising prices at the amusement park and there’s reason for that. Recently, some have noted that the price of a 50 cl bottle of water was sold at 5 euros. To this must be added 0.50 euro deposit.

On social networks, Internet users let go: “ Yesterday I went to Plopsa Coo and for the first time, I drank gold… I had never tasted it and frankly, not great. looks like water “, can we read but also” When I think 10 minutes before, I was telling my cousin that I never take drinks from home. Next time, I’ll think about it again…(…) Welcome to the world of exaggeration “.

Sudpresse recalls that in 2017, a bottle of water already cost 3.79 euros. Visitors therefore face an increase of more than 30%. For the park spokesperson, this is not such a bad thing since the increase in prices encourages visitors to take their own water bottle to the park. SouthInfo did a quick price comparison. Plopsa parks stand out as the most expensive parks. Elsewhere, a 50 cl bottle of water costs 3.2 euros at Bellewaerde and 2.90 euros at Pairi Daiza.