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The PlayStation 6 will be designed with a new vision

PlayStation’s next console will be developed under new management. The head of PlayStation hardware is to retire.

This is a historic moment for PlayStation engineers. Masayasu Ito, who led the team responsible for creating the PS4 and PS5, will retire on October 1. It is Lin Tao, another executive of the group, who will take his place after this change.

36 years of development at Sony

Masayasu Ito joined Sony in 1986, the media reminds us The Verge. However, he only joined the PlayStation division in 2008 to take over hardware design at PlayStation.

PS5 Playstation 5
The PlayStation 5 // Source: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

In other words, he is one of those responsible for the reassembled operated by PlayStation since the poor launch of PS3 in 2007. Under his leadership, Sony will develop the PS4 which will not be sold too much at a loss at launch, and will reach 117.2 million units sold over its lifetime. A real success that will allow PlayStation to pull Sony up and make it one of the group’s driving forces.

Since then, Sony has also launched, with varying degrees of success, the PS4 Pro, the PS VR and the PlayStation 5 in particular. The last product that he will have directly supervised will probably be the PS VR 2 expected for the next few months.

A new era for PlayStation

In other words, it is a new generation of engineers who will now have control at Sony over the development of the PlayStation 6. Obviously, this does not mean that the manufacturer’s next console will mark a break, but the new management will have a younger look and a fresher take on creating a game console.

After the success of the PS4 and the excellent debut of the PS5, engineers may have every interest in ensuring continuity.

Recently, Sony announced a price increase for its PS5 console. This is another legacy that the new hardware management at PlayStation will have to manage.

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