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The PlayStation 5 is back: limited stocks!

We tell you where to find the PlayStation 5 in stock this Friday – Unsplash

Where is the best place to find a PlayStation 5?

Are you still looking for a PlayStation 5 at the end of September? It’s normal. More than 2 years after its release, the home console is still hard to find. Shortage of components, slowdown in production due to covid and supply difficulties following the war in Ukraine made the marketing of Sony’s jewel more difficult than expected. Not to mention that the PlayStation has now increased in price to keep up with inflation. There is talk of an increase of 50 € on both the Standard Edition model and the Digital Edition model. Do you want to get the most powerful console created by Sony? Consider turning to the internet and e-commerce sites. It’s still unlikely that you’ll stumble upon a PS5 during your weekly in-store shopping.

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Where to buy a PlayStation 5 in Belgium?

Sony’s latest console is revolutionary and emulated. Supply does not keep up with demand and it is inevitably out of stock. Loading times reduced to a minimum, breathtaking 4K, enveloping 3D sound like in the cinema, with the PS5 in your living room, you will no longer take your eyes off the screen. Not to mention that the console now has some nugget games like Horizon Forbidden West, The Last of Us or even FIFA 23. The controllers have been reworked for more realism and very fine gaming sensations. Goodbye DualShock, hello DualSense! For this new PlayStation, Sony engineers worked hard on the immersion and we can say that it is successful!

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