The Pixel Tablet will still have to wait, and what’s more, it will have an “old” SoC and no mobile network

GoogleDuring the last Google I/O we not only learned of Google’s desire to continue its adventure in the smartphone market, with the high-end Pixel 7 which should arrive in the fall, but also to relaunch itself on the market. tablets as well as venturing into connected watches. Google’s Pixel tablet took shape during the latest official images shared by Google, in which a piece of the Pixel tablet is seen between the new Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch which will arrive shortly. For those who wait, however, the good news does not come. Indeed, according to what developer Kuba Wojciechowski reported, Google’s new Pixel Tablet could offer a disappointing technical data sheet for those who expect an absolute top of the range. Let’s see the main proofs unearthed by Kuba Wojciechowski in the AOSP code which should also be intended for the Google tablet:

– No hardware provided for data and GPS connectivity. This means that the tablet will come exclusively in the Wi-Fi version.
– There will be no proximity sensor, there will be no barometer, and not even an advanced image processor.
– There may be the first generation Tensor processor, the component identified by the code gs101.

In short, let’s not expect any particular sparks from Google’s new Pixel Tablet, it could also be a mid-range device . It is not excluded that the new tablet is designed to be integrated into the Nest Hub, as a smart display. In the meantime, a launch date has not yet been set for the Pixel Tablet, and even the rumors emerging on the net have not attempted to clarify this aspect.