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The next iPhone SE will no longer have TouchID – Belgium iPhone

A big novelty could concern the most affordable iPhone in the range. Indeed, Apple could abandon TouchID for the next iPhone SE model.

Recently, in a podcast, Jon Prosser looks at the future design of the iPhone SE. Jon Prosser is known for coming up with several concepts for Apple products. According to him, the fourth generation iPhone SE was closer to the iPhone XR and would therefore lose its distinctive element, namely TouchID.

According to the designer, the SE model would benefit from a more modern and lighter look, with thinner edges, Face ID and a notch to house the entire system. In addition to the abandonment of TouchID, the new smartphone could see its size increase. Currently, the iPhone SE 3 has a 4.7-inch screen and could expand to 6.1 inches.

Another possibility would be that Apple uses the format of the current mini for its next iPhone SE. The screen size would then be 5.4 inches. This size increase would also allow the iPhone SE4 to carry a larger battery and offer better autonomy.

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