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The new PS5 has been totally redesigned (and consumes less energy)

As you may know, Sony has recently released a new PS5. No premature explosion of joy, this is not (yet) the PS5 Slim expected by some, but a revision of the model launched in November 2020. For the small precision, it is even the second revision of the PS5, since a lighter model and with a redesigned base had been launched last year. But then, what do we find on board this “new PS5”?

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The new PS5 gets an (interior) makeover

A few weeks ago, we learned that this new PS5, called CFI-1200, was going to offer itself a new slimming treatment, by posting a weight loss of around 300 grams compared to the previous revision. To achieve this, Sony has obviously made various adjustments within its PS5 itself, the design and exterior dimensions being perfectly identical to those of the PS5 launched almost two years ago.

It was the videographer Austin Evans who was able to get his hands on this new PS5 model. The opportunity for the latter to compare the machine with the other two versions, and to note various changes, in particular at the level of the motherboard, more compact than ever. The cooling system has also been reviewed and corrected, as has the layout of the SSD or the location of the CMOS battery, which is now less easy to access.

The PS5 version CFI-1200 is also intended to consume less energy, with a consumption of 201W, against 218W for the original model, and 229W for the first revision. On the heating side, the original PS5 displays a temperature of 52.4°, against 63° for the first revision, and “only” 51° for the new version. The new PS5 is therefore intended to consume less energy, while operating at a lower temperature.

According to Austin Evans: “Sony has shrunk almost everything, including the motherboard and internals, to make the whole thing lighter and certainly cheaper (for them).“This obviously does not prevent this new PS5 from being displayed at a price of €549 in stores, in accordance with the price increase announced by Sony very recently.