You are currently viewing The “monster” Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix: get ready to dive into the horror

The “monster” Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix: get ready to dive into the horror

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You don’t know what to watch to accompany the long rainy evenings that await us in the coming days? Netflix has just launched an oppressive mini-series, already at the top of the most watched programs on the streaming platform. Glaucous and often unhealthy, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” plunges the viewer into the horror of the serial killer, played brilliantly by a stunning Evan Peters.

Nicknamed “The Milwaukee Cannibal”, the serial killer claimed 17 victims between 1978 and 1991. Most of the men he met in gay bars, whom he then attracted to his home to set a trap for them and subject them to the worst atrocities. From the first episode, the tone is set. We enter the psychology of Jeffrey Dahmer, who seems to take an unhealthy pleasure in playing with his victims. His foul-smelling apartment, the noise of saws in the middle of the night, and the neighborhood complaining about his strange behavior: everything is set up to leave the viewer with a permanent feeling of unease.

Without going into the details of the scenes that are difficult to sustain – sometimes you have to have your nerves on edge – Ryan Murphy’s series is mainly interested in the career of Jeff Dahmer. How did he become such a monster? Who is hiding behind this man who seems to have no limits and no scruples to get what he wants? Jeffrey Dahmer’s personality and journey are exposed, between his homosexuality, his alcohol problems and his complex relationship with his parents and his grandmother.

It also shows the dysfunctions of the police services, which could have more than once put their hands on the killer and probably saved many victims.

Netflix has in any case prepared its move perfectly: from October 7, the platform will release another mini-series on Jeffrey Dahmer, this time in the form of a documentary. In case you asked for more…