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The message of peace on Princess Delphine’s red dress at the National Day parade

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This Thursday, Princess Delphine attended the military and civil parade for the national holiday for the second time from the official stands. King Philippe’s half-sister was invited to sit with the father of her children alongside Prince Laurent and Princess Astrid. It was to be expected, given the many teasers made on social networks by Delphine that her outfit would not go unnoticed. The daughter of King Albert II wore a red dress on which is a dove motif.

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Princess Delphine’s Dove of Peace

Since she obtained the title of Princess of Belgium in October 2020, Delphine of Saxe-Coburg has been invited to participate in major public and family events. On July 21, 2021, she was invited to attend the Belgian National Day ceremony for the very first time, sitting next to her half-sister and half-brother, Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent, in the princely tribune.

In 2022, Princess Delphine and Jim O’Hare responded to the second invitation sent by the Palace. Like last year, Delphine de Saxe-Cobourg wanted to highlight the work of a Belgian designer. For her first appearance, she had chosen a dress with ethnic motifs reminiscent of the wax fabrics used in Africa. If Siré Kaba’s Erratum Fashion dress had already caused a lot of ink to flow, the outfit worn in 2022 is much more sober but much more symbolic.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde join the royal gallery, passing in front of the king’s brother and sisters (Photo: Oivier Matthys/ AP/ ISOPIX)

This year, Delphine de Saxe-Cobourg called on the artist Pol Vogels. He makes creations that have a particular resonance for the princess, especially in these times troubled by violent news. ” Clothes send messages, and I wanted to send a positive message “Explained Delphine a few days ago to Sudpresse. “I wanted an outfit that represented peace and hope, which is very important with current events. “explained the daughter of King Albert II.

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Delphine de Saxe-Cobourg trusts Pol Vogels for her outfit evocative of peace

Pol Vogels that he draws his inspiration from his family history and Belgian folklore. “My collection is a tribute to my family history and to the Belgian tradition of pigeon breeding. My two grandfathers participated in pigeon racing as well as my father. » His silhouettes, which could also come from the world of Magritte or Ensor, are inspired by the traditional costumes of the dovecotes.

Jim O’Hare, Princess Dephine, Princess Claire and Prince Laurent take their seats (Photo: Oivier Matthys/ AP/ ISOPIX)

The outfit was created especially for Princess Delphine and for the national holiday. On the feet, like last year, Princess Delphine wore platform shoes from Morobé. Delphine only wears platform shoes. ” It’s always been my style, my signature “, she assures. Finally, she wore a hat designed by Josje Huisman, who is launching her brand Cornelia World.

The dress echoes the speech given on the eve of the national holiday by King Philippe, who spoke of the ongoing conflicts at the doorstep of Europe. “Ukrainians are fighting and dying to save their country, but also to safeguard democracy and the values ​​we share with them. We will not allow ourselves to be divided by the blackmail imposed on us by a nuclear power to break our solidarity with Ukraine. We will continue to support the Ukrainian people. Note that the Russian and Belarusian diplomatic delegations were not invited to take their place in the parade stand this year. Some also saw a hidden message in the outfits of Princess Eleanor and Queen Mathilde, who wore blue and yellow, the colors of Ukraine.

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