You are currently viewing The lords fight on the continent of Terra!  Era of Conquest Early Server 2 will officially open on September 8th

The lords fight on the continent of Terra! Era of Conquest Early Server 2 will officially open on September 8th

In the middle of summer, on the mysterious continent of Terra, the lords of different civilizations have crossed the ages to once again gather the heroes and generals here. Even in the scorching battlefield, they are determined to take up their arms and fight against the famous generals and the Crow Legion. Era of Conquest multi-civ strategy game advance server 2 will officially open on September 8ththe battlefield enveloped in the mists will gradually be presented before the lords.

Optimization on all, the second beta begins

over a month ago, Era of Conquest was debuting with the launch of early server 1. Although the character creation entrance was closed on the fourth day, global players were so passionate about this game. Lords from dozens of countries and regions have started in the conquest on the continent of Terra. Along this journey has been the excitement of raiding cities with world lords, the curiosity of exploring unknown territories, and many memorable moments.

Thank you for supporting us throughout this first beta. Although this is only a closed beta test for a very small number of players, it has raised awareness of this strategy game, which emphasizes the “co-existence of multiple civilizations” . After several optimizations, Era of Conquest Early Server 2 will soon be available after a long wait.


The rules are the same as for the first beta. The Early Server 2 will be available on Android and PCwho keeps all player data and returns 100% of profits recharge after the official release of the game! We can’t wait to see all the lords on the battlefield!

New experience, a fierce battle is about to begin

In this beta, Era of Conquest will be available in English, German, FrenchJapanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian and Spanish, so more lords can join you on the battlefield!


Taking into account feedback from lords during the first beta, the developer team has optimized important gameplay elements in the game.

Optimized some alliance functions:

  1. Addition of a new management manual entry on alliance interfacewhich can be viewed when a player first becomes an official, to help alliance managers better understand management content.
  2. Addition of a guide for alliance protection feature : After activating the function, players with permission to open the alliance interface will be prompted to consult the instruction guide.


Optimization of the quest system:

  1. Addedentering alliance quests in the quest system. Players who have joined the alliance will be able to open the alliance quest interface directly through the quest system entry on the main interface.
  2. Addition of new alliance daily quests : Players will be able to earn active points by completing specific tasks.

Optimization of the social system:

  1. Addition of a automatic translation function to the chat system : After activating the function, the system will translate the chat content into the game language you set.
  2. Added a new alliance community function : The alliance leader will be able to set the community information on the main interface of the alliance, and other members can copy it directly to join the relevant communities outside the game.
  3. Added a new share function on SNS. Players will be able earn a lot of gold coins by sharing the game on the corresponding social platform to invite friends to play together.


In addition to the above optimizations, the Era of Conquest Tech Team has developed a new guide for beginners in order to optimize the experience of the lords and easily play this strategy game. When heroes learn skills, they will be recommended based on the compatibility between the hero and the skills. Allies no longer have to fear my Leonidas using “Alchemical Bombs”.

Additionally, our localization team improved some translations from the first beta, this is how clearer text descriptions will be available. Regarding the walking system, some bugs have been fixed to make lord operations smoother and have a better walking experience.

Heroes unite to conquer the world “. This journey of conquest where heroes and generals from several world civilizations meet is sincerely waiting for you.

Published on 08/09/2022 at 12:10

By knowiz