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The Lord of the Rings: the costume designer challenges Galadriel fans, and loses it

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Failing to achieve unanimity, the prequel series of the Lord of the Rings at least talk about her! While it has just been released, Amazon has also taken this drastic decision concerning Rings of Power… If some of the fans shun this new adaptation of Tolkien’s work, the other is delighted to find Middle-earth and its picturesque inhabitants. Especially since to please them, one of the costume designers of the series launched a challenge to the most passionate of them!

A costume in challenge to the fans

Galadriel’s armor, performed by Morfydd Clark in Rings of Power, is a challenge to cosplayers. Some fans enjoy coming to Comic-Con as their favorite fictional characters, mimicking their costume, hair, and makeup. Gold, the more complicated the hero is to reproduce, the greater the pride in having succeeded in copying his look. The costume designer of the series derived from Lord of the Rings understood this, and therefore decided to spoil the cosplayers by challenging them with an Elf in very elaborate armor! This was indicated by actress Morfydd Clark during an interview with our colleagues from Empire.

Kate Hawley, the costume designer, said: ‘I want it to be really difficult for them. I want it to be a real challenge‘.

But the costume designer obviously underestimated the creative genius of the fans and their tenacity, because it didn’t take them long to start wearing costumes inspired by Galadriel’s outfit… From the only promotional image of the Elf unveiled ahead of the trailer, Morfydd Clark says that a cosplayer showed up at Comic-Con in San Diego dressed like his character!

I met a cosplayer who made the armor that appeared in the first published image of Galadrieland it was amazing.

Even if the costume designer had paid particular attention to the details of Galadriel’s costume, in order to make it difficult to reproduce, the fans proved to her that they needed more to forfeit!