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The Last of Us Part 1 promises to be much more visceral with the PS5

Naughty Dog shares a new mocap work video for The Last of Us remake. And the tech gap between the PS3 and PS5 promises to make some scenes more visceral than ever.

Of course, we can only advise you not to continue reading this article if you want to preserve the surprise for a while, as Naughty Dog is generous in offering a multitude of previews of the final rendering of The Last of Us Remake.

Whatever, the Californian firm seems proud of its mocap workwho apparently benefited from the ps5 power to offer cut-scenes even more poignant than in the past and reworked for the occasion.

Since then (the shooting of the first episode on PS4, editor’s note) our technology has advanced so much, especially for the fidelity of the faces, which allows so much nuance in the performance (of the actors of Joel and Ellie). […] And it hits you on an unconscious level that it makes the scene even more impactful, and feels like an overall immersive experience.

Naughty Dog invites you to pre-order The Last of Us Part 1 to take advantage of many bonuses.

All this to remember that The Last of Us Part 1 take it out September 2 on PS5 and that it is also planned on PC, without further details on this subject.

As a bonus, and to bring back memories, here is the motion capture work that laid the foundations for the original opus dating from 2013, on PS3.