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The iPhone accounts for more than 50% of Apple’s annual revenue

On Twitter, a user had fun building an infographic dividing Apple’s revenue shares by product for the year 2021.

Surprise ? It is therefore the iPhone that brings the most to the company headed by Tim Cook with no less than 191.7 billion dollars in revenue, or 52% of the Californian giant’s annual total.

Services in surprising second position

In 2021, according to the annual report of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the US federal financial market regulator and supervisor, Apple’s revenues amounted to $365.8 billion. A fan of the brand shared an infographic on his Twitter account showing the revenue shares of each type of product from the American giant.

The iPhone is therefore the product that brought in the most revenue, followed by services (Apple TV+, Apple Music, iCloud) which represent 68.4 billion, or approximately 19% of revenue. Next come Macs ($38.4 billion), “portables,” which include AirPods, ($35.2 billion) and finally iPads ($31.9 billion). This chart shows above all the range of products offered by Apple, which has greatly diversified in recent years. If the iPhone is still their flagship in terms of revenue, the potential of services, for example, is very promising and the manufacturer could develop part of its market in this direction.

Cuts in other services

If, overall, Apple’s figures still seem very solid, we learned a few days ago, via an analyst from Morgan Stanley, that App Store revenues had declined by 5% in September, the biggest drop since 2015. Still according to the bank, revenue from video games fell the most, with a drop of 14%. This decrease is due to a difficult global economic context (inflation, risks of recession), which slows down users in their online purchases.

Consequence: Apple yesterday increased the prices of App Store applications by 20%. Now, an application that was worth 0.99 euros is worth 1.19 euros.