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The iPhone 6 goes vintage – Belgium iPhone

Released in 2014, the iPhone 6 can still be sent for repair, but subject to available stocks.

This is a page that turns at Apple. The iPhone 6, enormously appreciated by young people when it was released in 2014, is, since this Saturday, considered “old” by Apple. This means that software updates are no longer offered by Apple, and that repairs are accepted as long as the necessary parts are still available.

This decision comes almost eight months after the passage of the iPhone 6 Plus in this same category, the two phones not being marketed for less than seven years. In 2024, the iPhone 6 and its Plus variant will become “obsolete”, making it definitively impossible to send for repair.

The iPhone 6 was a real game changer for Apple eight years ago. Before its release, the iPhone 5s sported a design with more angular edges. The new model was also much thinner, which earned it a lot of criticism and controversy that Apple would have done without, the bend gate.

The iPhone 6 can no longer be updated to iOS 16, but that doesn’t make it completely obsolete. It continues to work on iOS 15, but some features and apps are not compatible with it. A new battery and you should be able to keep using it for a few more years!

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