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The iPhone 14 at the same price as the iPhone 13 – Belgium iPhone

According to a new rumor, the iPhone 14 would cost exactly the same price as the iPhone 13, which is €909.

Recent rumors mostly indicated that the iPhone 14 would cost more than its predecessor. It would seem that these rumors are not accurate. For an equivalent model, therefore, the new iPhone should not be more expensive.

This leak comes more specifically from the South Korean blog Naver. Indeed, on this blog, the user “yeux1122” announces that Apple will not increase the price of its entry-level model this year.

A sales boost

The user “yeux1122” claims to have obtained this information from a “major American financial institution”. Of course, it is still better to take this information with a grain of salt while waiting for the official announcement of the iPhone 14.

Concretely, this non-increase in the price of the iPhone 14 could be a decision by Tim Cook who would like to make available to as many people as possible a high-end smartphone at the same price as last year. The Cupertino company would thus aim to boost sales by offering a model more accessible to users.

Apple tax and dollar rate

But be careful, because this does not mean that the price of the iPhone will not exceed the thousand euro mark. Indeed, an iPhone 13 is now worth 909 euros on the Apple site and the euro/dollar rate has increased drastically. In addition, Apple has a habit of charging customs fees indirectly, which is not always the case with the competition.

It will still be necessary to be a little patient before having the official prices. These will be announced during the next keynote, in September.

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