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The iPhone 14 arrives in France at a high price: should we switch to the new generation?

A week after their presentation on September 7 during Apple’s back-to-school keynote, the new iPhones have been available in France since Friday, September 16. They arrive with their novelties and a rising price, which could put off some potential buyers.

Like last year, four models make up the range. But the iPhone 14 is now available in a large 14 Plus format instead of the old Mini version. The iPhone 14 Pro is still accompanied by a Pro Max XL version.

In the opinion of the first testers, these new devices do not make the big difference with the previous generation. A showcase of Apple’s know-how, the Pro versions promise significant improvements in terms of photography, design and autonomy.

For its part, the standard iPhone 14 is content with a more anecdotal update, which poses it more as a kind of iPhone 13S and does not necessarily justify a renewal in view of its price now higher than 1,000 euros.

Why has the price of the iPhone 14 skyrocketed?

Ignoring the galloping inflation that weighs down household wallets, Apple has not lowered the price of its smartphones this year, quite the contrary. Announced at stable prices in the United States, the new iPhones have seen their prices increase significantly in France, the standard iPhone 14 going from 909 to 1,019 euros and the iPhone 14 Pro at 1,329 euros, even reaching a new price peak at nearly 1,500 euros in its Max version.

This increase, between 10% and 15%, does not seem justified by the introduction of breakthrough innovations, the novelties of the two models being rather limited this fall. Rather, the explanation lies in the depreciation of the euro, which lost its value against the dollar against the backdrop of inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While the relationship between the two currencies was more advantageous for Europeans until now, it is now the opposite. The increase in logistics costs and the tension on electronic components can also explain the inflation in the price of iPhones in France.

The iPhone 14 doesn’t do much more than the iPhone 13

In this context, Upgrading to the iPhone 14 might not seem like the smartest choice if you already own an iPhone 13. If it promises improvements in photos, with the addition of a larger main sensor to capture more light, more efficient digital processing technology at night and better stabilized videos, the iPhone 14 does not bring much -thing in terms of design and power, since it shares the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13. Slight novelty, the detection of accidents, enabled by the improved GPS sensor, to prevent contacts and help in the event of an accident. urgency, cannot on its own justify an investment.

For 100 euros less, the iPhone 13 therefore remains a relevant option for their owners and people who had not renewed their phone last year. Still in the catalog, the iPhone 13 Mini is a more affordable gateway (809 euros) at the price of some concessions on autonomy. A year after their release, these two models are perfectly calibrated to take advantage of the new options offered by the iOS 16 update, offered to all iPhones from iPhone 8.

Displayed at 559 euros on the Apple site, the iPhone SE is another option, which offers as much power as these models in a reduced format, with a fingerprint sensor, but is more limited in photos. And if the iPhone 12 Pro has disappeared from the official catalog of the brand, it is still a solid alternative at the end of 2022, available at most retailers around 700 euros.

The “real” new iPhone is the iPhone 14 Pro

This year, Apple has made a clear distinction between the classic iPhone and the iPhone 14 Pro, which are the “true” new iPhones and concentrate the main new features, such as the new A16 Bionic processor, the dynamic notch and the 48 megapixel photo sensor.

The main “wow” effect undoubtedly resides in the “Dynamic Island” which comes to update the design of the iPhone for the first time since the iPhone X. Apple comes to fill the unsightly aesthetics of the notch located at the top of the screen by bringing it to life with animations that display when playing a song or receiving a call, for example. This dynamic notch functions as a new information bar that users can interact with by tapping on it to view notifications and control apps running in the background. It’s a safe bet that Apple will generalize this function throughout the range in the future.

The iPhone 14 Pro also takes a photo leap thanks to its new 48 megapixel sensor, which replaces the usual 12 megapixel sensor to offer four times the resolution of photos that benefit from a greater level of detail and new cropping possibilities. Be careful, however, the weight of the images is to match, with files 20 times larger to store in the phone’s memory. Apple also added a telephoto lens with X2 optical zoom bringing a welcome additional nuance between the wide-angle and the X3 zoom. The iPhone 14 Pro also benefits from the “Always on display” mode, already present on Android for several years, which makes it possible to display certain information on the screen even when the phone is in standby. Apple promises that this will not unduly impact autonomy. Answer in the next few days.

Apple offers to pay for the iPhone 14 in 24 installments at no cost

To pass the pill of the price increase, Apple now offers its French customers to offer its famous phones with a payment in installments, up to 24 times at no cost. The Californian brand has entered into a partnership with a French startup for this purpose. Limited to Apple Stores and orders on its official website, this offer involves the constitution of a financing file and possible administrative costs. It allows to acquire the iPhone 14 to 42.45 euros per month for two years, for example. However, the device would have encountered certain malfunctions during the opening of pre-orders last week.

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