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The improbable origin of Nokia ringtones – Geeko

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The Finnish manufacturer is not only famous for its 3310 model, but also for its very special ringtones.

If there’s anything Nokia owners have taken away, it’s that the manufacturer is capable of making indestructible phones whenever it wants. So try to play an impromptu game of football with the iPhone 14, the result will be much less pleasant than with a 3310.

However, Nokia has more than one trick up its sleeve. While the durability of its flagship is always mentioned, another feature of the model is often overlooked. These are his ringtones.

Indeed, the Finnish designer introduced subtle messages into his melodies using Morse code. So the ringtone ascendingwhich alerts you to a call, indicates “connecting people”. Which is none other than the brand’s slogan at the time. At the same time, the code that indicates that you have received an SMS means… “SMS”.

If you still have a Nokia 3310, you can also check for yourself. Just download an app that translates Morse code to your current phone.

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