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The great paradox of the civilian clothes of princes Harry and Andrew

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Right in the middle of the funeral procession of Elizabeth II and the veritable parade of ceremonial military uniforms, two members of the royal family “shone” in their civilian clothes: Princes Andrew and Harry. A paradox in itself. Explanations.

From left to right: King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Prince William, Prince Harry and Peter Philips (eldest son of Princess Anne) © AP and make the strange observation: the only two members of the British royal family to have actually fought in the field in the ranks of the national army were also, paradoxically, the only ones to be deprived of the privilege wearing the military uniform. Indeed, if an exceptional authorization was granted to princes Andrew and Harry during the funeral vigil of the children and grandchildren of the queen, it was not renewed for the official funeral.

Falklands and Afghanistan

Prince Andrew served in the British Army as a helicopter pilot during the Falklands War. He was even expected to receive the honorary rank of Admiral for his 60th birthday. His grandson Harry served in Afghanistan. However, their withdrawal from the monarchy prohibits them from wearing the military uniform unlike other members of the family. Yet King Charles III and his eldest son William were never sent to the front. As for Anne and her brother Edward, they simply have no military background. Only their honorary titles authorize them to wear the uniform.

Andrew, the Fallen Prince

Prince Andrew has been permanently stripped of a royal role after sexual assault charges related to the Epstein case, which he ended with a multimillion-dollar settlement. He is now considered a non-working member of the royal family. During the queen’s platinum jubilee, he was not allowed to greet the crowd from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. At 62, the “favorite son” of Elizabeth II has really fallen out of favor.

Harry, the Exile

During the funeral wake of the Queen’s eight grandchildren, Prince Harry wore, like his brother William, the uniform: a first since his resounding withdrawal from the monarchy, even if a detail on his outfit particularly saddened him . Harry announced in January 2020 to renounce his royal titles, the epilogue of a lively national controversy relating to his publicly assumed desire to “step back” from the royal family.

The compromise

Note that, in 2021, for the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Elizabeth II had decreed that the whole family would go to the funeral in civilian clothes. A clever way to avoid deciding on Harry and Andrew’s right to wear the uniform…


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