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The good plan: your empty ink cartridges can earn you big!

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Like flat batteries, the empty ink cartridges of our printers sometimes stay for years in a drawer, before we decide to throw them in the container park. Because we can’t throw them in the traditional bags we use at home, of course. But what many forget or simply don’t know is that those empty ink cartridges can sell for money!

And in a period where there is talk of inflation and purchasing power at half mast, any euro is good to take. Moreover, this can climb to 7 euros per cartridge, depending on the site chosen. For those who store out of laziness, this can therefore quickly climb and pay for the next shopping for the whole family. In France, several specialized sites exist, and this is also the case in Belgium. We did the test via the site (easy, right?) and all brands are concerned. An HP cartridge thus trades between €0.05 and €2 depending on the model. At Canon, it goes from 0.50 € and 4 €, or even up to 2 € for Neopost cartridges. Other brands, like Epson, seem to be less popular, with a price set at €0.01…

To send them, you have to go through a package that will be sent by Bpost. Shipping is free above €30, otherwise it will cost €5. It is therefore better to build up a small stock for it to become interesting! Thereafter, we promise you a payment in four days, after checking the package, either by bank transfer or via Paypal. Other firms offer this type of service at similar prices. In store, Bureau Vallée, located in Brussels, also offers a physical service.

But ultimately, why this business? The empty cartridges will simply be reconditioned (filled, therefore) and put back on sale. An ecological gesture, but which above all reduces the operating costs of the major brands. Everyone is benefiting.