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The Ford Fiesta already sacrificed on the altar of the electric car

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Ford will stop the career of the Fiesta, in order to better invest in its offer of electric vehicles.

For a few weeks, the Fiesta no longer appears in Ford’s configurator. Faced with the difficulty of producing, and therefore the lengthening of delivery times, the American manufacturer has put the career of the model on hold. But the Fiesta will simply disappear from the offer of the blue oval. Ford has confirmed that its production will end in June 2023!

This is surprising, as the Fiesta is a pillar of the Ford range. The dynasty was launched in 1976, it is currently in the seventh generation. Even if it begins to be eclipsed by the Puma, the Fiesta remains one of the biggest sales of the brand. It may therefore seem crazy to pass it by the wayside, it’s as if the Clio stopped.

It’s the electric car’s fault. Ford stops the career of the Fiesta to better focus on the development of its range of connected vehicles. The firm has an ambitious plan, expecting to sell 600,000 worldwide in 2023, and two million per year from 2026.

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The next big electric launch is a compact SUV, which will take over Volkswagen’s MEB base. Ford is working hard to start production in Cologne next year. Cologne is precisely the site where part of the production of the Fiesta is carried out.

But then, what will Ford offer instead of the Fiesta? The brand has already formalized the launch of a new electric Puma, produced in Poland, in 2024. And that’s it, there will be no sequel for the classic city car! The manufacturer has also published a beautiful video that pays “homage” to the Fiesta and teases the sequel.

After leaving the segment of inexpensive small city cars, Ford took the risk of prematurely abandoning the segment of versatile city cars, which was still powerful in Europe. We will have to turn to the SUV!