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The first candidate of the “Star Academy” is known

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This Friday evening, the second bonus of Dance with the stars was marked by several highlights. The prowess of Carla Lazzari and Stephane Legar but also the promising debut of Florent Peyre on the floor. Within the jury, Chris Marques, suffering from Covid-19, exceptionally left his place to the former flagship juror of the show, Jean-Marc Généreux. Glad to be back in the program for an evening, the Quebecer with the famous “I buy!” had, like the one it replaces, the possibility of activating or not the famous “red buzzer” which sends the buzzed duo directly face-to-face without the possibility of catching up during the second round.

However, the surprises did not come only from the prosecution of Dance with the stars. An external event also marked this second evening. Right in the middle of the show, Nikos Aliagas, presenter of The Voice Kids and The Voice, the most beautiful voice, unexpectedly landed on set to do “a big announcement“.”There is here, among you, a person who wants to change his life, who also wants to surpass himself, to taste the limelight, perhaps to discover himself too. And this person came to see a show and what they don’t know is that their destiny may change tonight. Good evening Enola, he swings, approaching the young woman who was in the audience. “Enola, like thousands of young talents, students, future students of the star Academy passed the casting. She will be part of the new promotion of the future season of the Star Ac on TF1.” In the coming months, the star Academylegendary telecrochet which revealed Jenifer, Nolwenn Leroy or even Grégory Lemarchal will, in fact, return to TF1, more than 20 years after its creation.

Moved and surprised, the young woman let out a few tears. “You haven’t changed your mind, do you still want to do Star Ac?”, then asks him Nikos Aliagas, who will take over the controls of the telecrochet. “Yes, yes, that’s for sure”she replies.

Enola is therefore the first official candidate of the star Academy. The names of the other participants have not yet been revealed.