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The film “Zanka contact” banned from broadcasting in Morocco

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Morocco has just banned the broadcasting “at national and international level” of the film “Zanka contact” by Moroccan director Ismael El Iraki, because of music by Saharawi singer and activist, Mariem Hassan. The film nevertheless received the grand prize at the national film festival of Tangier in September.

In a press release published on Thursday, the Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM), responsible for giving filming authorizations and censoring films that go against the principles of the kingdom, announced the ban on the distribution of the film “Zanka contact “, after the controversy born on social networks on the use of a song by Mariem Hassan, the Sahrawi singer who died in 2015, in the film.

The CCM explains in its note that this music by the Sahrawi singer did not appear in the initial scenario which was sent to it and for which a public subsidy of 4.2 million dirhams (389,000 euros) was granted. The song used in the script received “does not affect the principles of the kingdom”, assures the CCM, which says it has learned of this change recently, while revisiting the film.

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It is for this reason that the CCM has decided to prohibit “the commercial and cultural projection of the work at the national and international level”. It also withdrew the professional license of Moroccan director Ismael El Iraki and sent a formal notice to the film’s production company to withdraw this version with the Sahrawi song within the next 48 hours and publish the “original” version. .

Otherwise, the CCM warns that it will withdraw the production company’s approval to carry out film productions in Morocco and “reserves the right to take legal action” against the director and the producer of the film for having modified the scenario. . “Zanka contact” tells the story of a rock singer who returns to his hometown of Casablanca where he meets a prostitute with a golden voice with whom he falls in love.