You are currently viewing The famous iPhone 12 Pro is displayed at a mini price at this well-known e-merchant!

The famous iPhone 12 Pro is displayed at a mini price at this well-known e-merchant!

The good iPhone 12 Pro plan not to be missed at the start of the week – Amazon

iPhone 12 Pro: a smartphone with excellent value for money?

The iPhone 12 Pro may not be the latest smartphone to come out of Apple factories, but it holds its own in the market. It has a beautiful 6.1-inch screen with Ceramic Shield glass for optimal protection (the screen is less easily scratched and less sensitive to shocks). The A14 Bionic microprocessor brings speed and responsiveness to the phone. The 6 cores are formidable for multitasking and manage all the high-end on-board cameras wonderfully. Three rear cameras and a front camera are the lenses onboard Apple’s smartphone. The photos are sharp and bright and many photographic modes allow you to take beautiful shots, especially with portrait mode. You can even shoot videos in 4K.

How to buy a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro in Belgium?

To buy a refurbished Apple smartphone, several resellers exist. While Backmarket is the best known, Amazon is also a good place to shop through Amazon Renewed. Going through refurbished is an increasingly obvious choice for many Belgians. This allows you to enjoy a product like new at the price of the occasion. Amazon offers you to acquire a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro in excellent condition with 128 GB of storage for only €739. To take advantage of it, just go to the e-commerce giant’s website. This iPhone is in excellent condition with no visible signs of damage. It comes with a SIM card removal tool, charger and charging cable. Headphones and SIM card are not included. The smartphone is guaranteed for one year. Bonus: Your Amazon Renewed purchase reduces e-waste generation.

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