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The emotional reunion of the iconic duo of “Back to the future” (videos)

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32 years after the release of “Back to the Future III”, the two main actors of the saga “Back to the future” found themselves at the New York Comic-Con this Sunday, October 9. A reunion that moved viewers and fans of the saga on social networks.

This year was the trilogy of films “Back to the future” who was in the spotlight at the convention. The appearance of Michael J. Fox, alias Marty Mcfly, moved the whole assembly. He found Christopher Lloyd, alias Doc, on stage and could not hide his difficulties in moving.

Indeed, Michael J. Fox had revealed in 1998 to be suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Today, the actor shows himself with courage and without taboos, which has aroused the admiration of fans of the series.

Michael J. Fox has already spoken several times about his illness explaining that it is “the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.” He details: “Parkinson’s disease is a gift. I told people it was a gift and they were like, ‘you’re crazy.’ I say, ‘yeah, but it’s a gift that keeps bringing me.’ But it’s a gift and I wouldn’t trade it for the world… It’s not about what I got, it’s about what I got.” He took advantage of his appearance at the New York Comic-Con to pay tribute to his fans: “You gave me my whole life”.

The Marty McFly actor, now 61, was 23 when filming the first installment of the saga.