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The economical trick to dry your laundry without a dryer in 2 hours

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To save energy, you may have already unplugged all the major appliances in your home. But in the category of essentials, in addition to the fridge, which obviously can never be unplugged, once the beautiful summer days have passed, the dryer also appears as an appliance that you can no longer do without. However, the dryer is one of the most energy-consuming household appliances.

In Wallonia, washing machines and dryers are responsible for no less than 11% of household electricity consumption according to the SPW energy Walloon. A cycle is on average 3kWh, or almost 60 cents, and about twice as much electricity as a washing machine. A heat pump dryer with A+++ power will consume 200 kWh per year (only €50) compared to a heat pump dryer with C power evacuation (€125). If leaving your clothes to dry in the open air appears to be the most economical solution, it is true that in the middle of winter, when the days are more humid and cooler, it can sometimes take several days for them to dry. .

In video, our tips for saving money:

A sheet and a drying rack

To avoid seeing the drying rack invade your living spaces during the coming winter months, we have spotted a trick to dry it faster on Tik Tok. The idea? Place your drying rack next to a lit radiator and lay a sheet over the wet laundry, making sure to place the ends of the sheet behind the radiator, so that the hot air rushes into the sheet. The enemy of wet laundry is indeed humidity. By using such a trick, we will create a hot air bubble, which will allow the laundry to dry faster.

One of the Internet users to have shared this trick on the social network, @alixybee even claims that this trick would make it possible to dry the laundry in less than two hours. For skeptics, this technique would certainly save electricity, however, it involves having to turn on the heating; an argument that holds water and to be taken into account of course, but if you have already turned on your radiators, it will cost you nothing to at least try. Especially when you know that drying your laundry on a drying rack leads to a significant release of humidity in the house, which can become unhealthy when the laundry takes too long to dry, in addition to causing excessive heating consumption.

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