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The day Meghan Markle felt “humiliated” in Morocco (video)

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It’s a video that has gone viral with 8.4 million views titled ‘Times Meghan Markle was wiped out by royal protocol. The author relies on this sequence to discredit both Morocco and the Duchess of Sussex, claiming that she was refused the red carpet in Morocco.

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It would have been said to Meghan Markle that “the red carpets are reserved for the royal family” he commented, adding: “Look how he was shown a different path from that of Harry, far from the red carpet in Morocco. It was Morocco telling Meghan that red carpets were for the royals only. »

These remarks elicited many reactions from Internet users. Some have refuted these attacks, arguing that Meghan was also photographed moments later on the red carpet shaking hands with the Crown Prince. And she walked the red carpet elsewhere during the Morocco tour, notably at Casablanca airport a few hours earlier, they defended.

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Incidentally, at the time, a magazine reported that questions were being raised on social media asking why Meghan was seen walking down the red carpet and explained that the arrival plan involved Prince Harry, himself following a brilliant military career and saluting the honor guard alone. She had moved away herself because her presence is not necessary, the magazine had explained.