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The Crown: Prince William furious with the series, Netflix responds

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don’t talk about The Crown to Prince William, you risk taking a big hit (he who was still training boxing recently.) The eldest of Diana and King Charles III has been beside himself since he learned of the upcoming release of the season 5 of the series. On November 9, Netflix users will discover the sequel to the fiction inspired by the major events experienced by the British crown since the arrival of Elizabeth II in power. Season 5 will have as its main plot the divorce of Diana and Charles as well as the death of the Princess of Wales at only 36 years old.

If all the theories have run concerning this terrible car accident fatal to Diana Spencer, The Crown has opted for a bias that does not please Prince William at all. The latter would be furious at the idea of ​​seeing the last years of his mother’s life carried in the series, namely the drama of the accident and the interview of his mother granted to Martin Bashir for the BBC. His sadness would beindescribable“according to a Buckingham correspondent at Telegram.

For him, The Crown would only take advantage of the death of his mother to encourage people to watch and reap the revenue, which is moreover by maintaining the diffusion only a few weeks after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. He would even be furious that the program exploit Diana’s interview during which justice had nevertheless confirmed that the princess had been manipulated by the journalist, increasing his feeling of “fear, paranoia and isolationat the time. The BBC promised itself then that it would no longer air footage of the interview out of respect for members of the royal family. The Crown obviously had no qualms about mentioning it.

Netflix reacted

Netflix’s statements that the crash scene would not be re-enacted were not enough to quell the anger: “A line has been crossed, reveals a source to The Sun. Filming in Paris and reliving Diana’s dramatic last days is very awkward. The series has always fictionally depicted major royal family events as accurately as possible. But the events dealt with being more and more recent, it has become difficult to find the right balance.”

Faced with the many criticisms in the run-up to the release of season 5, Netflix reacted through a press release: “The Crown has always been presented as a drama based on historical events. Season 5 is a fictional dramatization, imagining what may have happened to the heart of the Windsor clan during this decisive decade for the royal family.” A speech that is not likely to fix things…