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The crazy epic of the song “One day I will marry an angel” by the Belgian artist Pierre de Maere

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“Doctor, one day I will marry an angel, we will make love in the clouds…” Do these lyrics mean anything to you? It’s normal, the piece by the Belgian artist Pierre de Maere has been experiencing a resurgence of interest for a few weeks…

However, the self-taught Walloon released his song several months ago, in November 2021 to be exact (his album “Un jour” was released in January 2022). Pierre de Maere quickly caused a sensation and went as far as Yann Barthes’ set on Quotidien and even took part in the Magritte ceremony. Then the success faded…

A recovery of…24 seconds!

But that was without taking into account the virality of social networks. On July 10, the TikTokeur and amateur singer Nardosings resumes “One day I will marry an angel” alone in front of his camera as he usually does. And there, it’s the full box. From several tens of thousands of views for his other videos (which is already not bad, let it be said), this “cover” of barely 30 seconds is close to 6 million views! The comments praise the young man – “an angel’s voice”, “your voice is amazing!” – and he then gives a second life to the song. This sudden visibility is such that Nardosings has announced that an extended version of its cover will soon be available. “for this summer” on online listening platforms.

A remix of BigFlo and Oli

But the story does not end there! After the success of this cover, it was the famous brothers BigFlo and Oli who took over the piece from Pierre de Maere. Also on TikTok, the two Toulousians remixed in their summer tourbus “One day I will marry an angel” and challenged Internet users to rap on it. “Drop your best verse!” did they challenge the web two days ago… And Pierre de Maere himself decided to take part in this challenge!

“I make the trend!”

In a parody version – the quality of which will depend on everyone’s judgment -, the young Belgian, “absolutely not a rapper” he warns, therefore lent himself to the game of the recovery of his own song. “There’s nothing going tonight, my sound is top 50”, he starts. “Romantics as kings of the world is the trend. Thank you Nardo for the work, thanks to you life is beautiful, I drive a Mercedes”, he then launches. “No it’s not true, I don’t have the license I would never have it, I’m always in the open but I’m making the trend!” More than 500,000 views already in a few hours… The loop is complete!