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The cost of the royal family reaches … 40 million euros: a record

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Endowments for members of the Belgian royal family have increased, reports Sudinfo. They now reach the record of just over 40 million euros, and therefore increase by 793,000 euros compared to last year. This increase is linked to the cost of living and inflation. In total, the Royal Family costs 3.3 million euros more than before.

In all, 4 people benefited from this increase. The King sees his civil list (note, his expenses as King) increase by 703,000 euros, i.e. 5.6% increase compared to 2021. The civil list therefore reaches 13,228,000 euros, a significant figure but which must pay the running costs of the palace as well as the 120 employees who work there.

The 3 other people affected by this indexing are Princess Astrid, her brother Prince Laurent, and King Albert II. It is the endowment of the latter that holds all the attention. According SouthInfoKing Albert II has just passed the million euro mark with 1,035,000 euros.

But, do not panic, the beneficiaries of these grants must account for their expenses, and thus, justify them each year to the Court of Auditors. The endowments are used to cover operating costs and a taxable part of the salary. Each of the members of the royal family will receive this new income in the third quarter.