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The completely crazy figures of Coldplay at the Stade de France (PHOTOS)

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While they are expected this evening at the King Baudouin stadium for a series of four sold-out concerts (with the Belgian Lous and the Yakuza as the opening act), Coldplay has revealed its figures for its series of shows given at the Stade de France two weeks ago. Chjris Martin and his family played in front of exactly 318,331 spectators. It’s a record ! No artist has ever sold so many tickets during a single tour for the Parisian enclosure. And so, no artist has ever filled the said Stade de France in this way during the same series of concerts.

Bingo for Coldplay and the organizers since together, the 4 shows posted a recipe of 27.3 million euros! This too is a record. The group has never “pocketed” so much money in the same city during the current tour. Even in Mexico where they also played four nights in front of 259,000 people. Something to make you dizzy. And to think that Lous and The Yakuza was part of the party during the last two Parisian concerts of Coldplay since she provided the first part.

Ed Sheeran on another planet

As long as we align the numbers, let’s draw those of this Music of the Spheres tour. Since they are on the road, Chris Martin and his family have already performed in front of 1.94 million spectators. Recipe: 177 million dollars! And to think that there are still more than half of the scheduled dates to come! (They gave 34 of the 72 planned).

It is also said that this world tour could play the extensions next year. What to tickle the record of the most viewed and most profitable tour of all time? There is still some margin. To this day, it is Ed Sheeran who sits at the top of the ranking. During his Divide Tour (2017-2019), he gave 255 concerts in front of nearly 9 million people. With the key, a recipe of 775 million dollars. Followed by U2 and their 360° Tour and Guns N’Roses. The Rolling Stones point to the fourth position with A Bigger Band Tour, its 4.7 million fans and its 688 million dollars cashed.