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The causes of death of Anne Heche disclosed

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The actress was only 53 years old.

Last Friday, Anne Heche succumbed to the consequences of a car accident, which occurred on August 5 in the streets of Los Angeles. His artificial respirator was nevertheless stopped only on August 14, in order to allow organ donation. Several days after his death, our colleagues from TMZ revealed the exact causes of his death.

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According to the official report, the actress died from “inhalation and thermal injuries”. The medical examiner, Sarah Ardalani, also explained to the American media that she suffered from a broken sternum caused by “blunt trauma”. She also suffered from cerebral anoxia, which is equivalent to brain death. The preliminary investigation concludes for the moment to an accident. According to the first elements, the star was driving a Mini Cooper and would have unwound from the road to fit into a house located in the Mar Visa district of Los Angeles, thereby causing a major fire. Anne Heche apparently drove under the influence, several drugs such as cocaine and fentanyl were found in her body.

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The 53-year-old actress leaves behind two children and a great career. She will be especially remembered for the movies Donnie Brasco, Remember… last summer and 6 days 7 nights.