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The Best Pastry Chef: a twist at the time of elimination (video)

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For the second week of competition, the new promotion of 14 amateur pastry chefs is finally complete to run for the first blue apron of the season. The judges proposed to the candidates the theme of the gourmet garden. Cyril Lignac asked the candidates to sublimate the pear into an exceptional dessert. On his side, Mercotte did well for the first technical event of the season. They had to make a green-green. This is a cake from the recipe book of painter Claude Monet.

For the last test, the candidates had to make their secret garden in cake in front of the pastry chef desty Brami.

After trying to impress the judges, the verdict is in for the budding pastry chefs… After impressive desserts, it was Manon who won the blue apron.It’s too classy to have the first apron of the 11th season. It suits me well complexion“, she reacted.

It was Franklin who did not shine this week. Officially, he was eliminated from the competition.I I’m a bit disappointed of course. I loved this whole team of pastry chefs. I am very happy for them that they can continue“, launched the man.

But a twist in the competition…franklin thought of leaving the competition at the end of this special “gourmet garden” week, but that was not really the case. This year, for the first time in the history of the Best paweaverthere is a secret competition taking place”, explained Marie Portolano.Last week, in total secrecy, Wiggins and Carine challenged. It’s the winner of this first duel that you go confront“, continued the presenter.

If Franklin wins this head-to-head, he will in turn challenge the newly eliminated next week.So the Best Pastry Chef keep on going“for the candidate…

That’s very good news. I feel refreshed“, he launched.

After facing Wiggins, Franklin won the event. He continues the adventure in the secret kitchen…