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The best DLCs of this summer – Geeko

Not enough new games this summer? Do not panic, several extensions awaited at the turn are available, and offer very different gaming experiences from those of the original titles. Focus on the three add-ons of this summer!

Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels (Xbox One, Series, PC)

Like Forza Horizon 3, Forza Horizon 5 will have had its official Hot Wheels extension. And the least we can say is that it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most fun DLCs of this summer. Truth be told, the Hot Wheels expansion deserved to be a stand-alone title. Playground Games didn’t just add a few cars and tracks to the line-up, it offers us a gigantic new map made up of dozens of tracks, each crazier than the next. The game also takes a radically different direction with extremely fast and delirious races on tracks, with its share of loops and other curiosities.

Three biomes are proposed to us: a volcano, a snowy environment and a forest environment. Unlike the original game, we do not drive here on roads in total freedom but on tracks. In total, more than 150 roads have been drawn on this gigantic map. The progression is unsurprising: we advance by unlocking new and ever more powerful vehicles to advance in tougher challenges.

The real originality of the game is of course the verticality of its tracks, which contrasts radically with the level-design of the circuits of FH 5. Here, everything has been done to make you chain loops. The content is quite strong, there is enough to occupy 5 to 10 hours easily. If the formula works, however, we blame the developers for not having been very original in terms of execution. It is more or less a copy and paste of the FH 3 extension.

At €19.99, this is nevertheless a nice gift to keep busy with friends this summer.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (Switch, PC)

History repeats itself, after a Monster Hunter World enriched by its own Iceborne extension, this time it’s the turn of the latest addition to the Capcom franchise to offer its own DLC. Monster Hunter Rise welcomes Sunbreak, a major addition available now on Switch and PC.

If the plot of Rise took place in the small Japanese village of Kamura, the scenario this time will take our hunter much further, beyond the sea, towards a kingdom which requires our help. We then evolve in the brand new region of Elgado, filled with new characters.

Sunbreak is a real expansion offering a good dose of content and a whole bunch of adjustments to the gameplay of the base game. New combat mechanics are added to those already existing and changes have been made to better balance everything and make our character even more agile and practical to play. The adventure also offers to visit two new areas, but also to fight against many creatures. There are monsters from the series that were not present in Rise, as well as brand new creatures, like the Malzeno, an ancient dragon who is the star of this DLC. Some of these missions will also be playable with characters from the scenario, a welcome addition for people who want to play the game alone. A help sometimes necessary in the face of a difficulty much higher than that of the basic game.

We can probably blame him for his lack of new environments and his low number of entirely original monsters, but the content offered is still substantial. Owners of the DLC will also be able to enjoy new quests and encounters against monsters still absent from the game in future free updates. If Sunbreak does not revolutionize the formula, this extension has the merit of adding a few nice hours of play to a title that managed to seduce gamers last year.

Outriders Worldslayer (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series)

Polish studio People Can Fly is back with Worldslayer, a paid extension (and damn expensive by the way!) for Outriders, its cooperative TPS, which had met with mixed success.

Main defect of this extension its price: it will cost you the price of a new game to acquire the complete game. And €39.99 for the extension. The price is high, especially for an extension. To tell the truth, Worldslayer would undoubtedly have been more successful if it had been released as a stand-alone… On the content side, there is reason to complain. The extension does indeed loop quite quickly. Count about 5 to 7 hours. Which is very light. The good news is that Worldslayer is introducing a bunch of very enticing new biomes, and very different from the original, with absolutely stunning snowy settings. The developers have had fun and present us with a very rich watch.

Unfortunately, Worldslayer retains the same strengths and flaws as its elder. This is an effective, but very mundane co-op shooter. The progression is ultra-linear, the staging is basic and the scenario not very interesting to follow. Worldslayer, however, remains fendard to play with friends, and a little deeper than the original, since you can now choose two specializations for your character and thus customize it further, but also unlock additional attributes with the “Ascension” system. With this new feature, you can strengthen your character’s life points and endurance, for example.

If you didn’t like the original, Worldslayer may not be able to convince you more. Clearly, this is an extension aimed at fans of the original, who want to dive back into it. In this sense, it is rather successful, especially for players who will go beyond the endgame, to unlock a whole bunch of gear. If you hang on to the concept, there is clearly enough to spend dozens of hours there. The boss fights, always so pleasant, are here the carrot which makes you progress in history. Still, in practice, one wonders if this Worldslayer was really necessary. No doubt we would have preferred a more ambitious sequel…

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