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The barely believable proposition of Luminus to Benjamin: “Uh, is that a weird gait?”

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From October 1, the gas and electricity supplier will no longer offer a fixed contract. Twenty-four hours before the big announcement, the group tried to send him to a competitor.

Thursday 2:36 p.m., an unknown number calls, my wife answers. “Hello, I am a Luminus agent, did you know that you pay a very high price for your electricity? “. No luck for the operator, my wife knows the music well and answers him directly: “It would surprise me, I have a fixed contract until June”. On the phone, the agent seems confused but after a few seconds he continues with a proposal: “You know that the cheapest for the moment is Octa +. You could make a new contract that guarantees you to pay and freeze the current price for at least 6 months”. This time it’s my wife who seems surprised, “You mean you’re advising me to change supplier. Uh, it’s a weird approach”?

Just before officially announcing the end of the fixed contracts, it would therefore seem that Luminus wanted to get rid of as many customers as possible… The group, tired of seeing customers paying for energy at a price well below the market, tried to hunt as many people as possible. Octa+ may be the cheapest today, but it’s actually way more expensive than my current rate. By forgetting to tell me, the operator committed a horrible lie by omission… Fortunately, Luminus has undertaken to maintain the fixed contracts concluded previously. But until when ?

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