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The autonomy of the Apple Watch Ultra mocked by Garmin – Belgium iPhone

According to Garmin, the battery life of the Watch Ultra is ridiculous compared to that of its watches.

If Apple has demonstrated, since the release of its first Watch in 2015, that it had acquired a certain expertise in the development of smartwatches, there remains one area in which the firm continues to fish: autonomy. The phenomenon is challenging on iPhone and iPad and even more so on Apple Watch. The headed watch is thus one of the only ones on the market not to be able to exceed two days of autonomy.

Unfortunately, the observation remains present with Apple’s high-end watch, the Watch Ultra. According to Apple, it would be able to reach 36 hours of autonomy in normal use. A lifespan that is far too short compared to other smartwatches, starting with those from Garmin.

After Samsung, it is the manufacturer of GPS and connected watches that makes fun of Apple. In a tweet, Garmin made a small spade for the Apple, stating that the autonomy of its watches was calculated in months, and not in hours, as is the case for the Apple Watch. . Some Garmin watches, such as the Enduro 2, can for example remain on for 46 days, or even… 555 days in energy saving and with solar charging.

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