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The Attic Player shunned by Cyprien in his latest YouTube video?

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news culture The Attic Player shunned by Cyprien in his latest YouTube video?

Le Joueur du Grenier is one of the figures in the landscape of the world of gaming and French streaming. He is, among other things, known for his way of reacting with many humorous spades. Something that Cyprien would not have liked for his last video.


  • “It was little peaks like that”
  • “I like when it stings”

“It was little peaks like that”

Published at the beginning of October, the new video of the star Youtuber (14.4 million subscribers) Cyprien has more than 4 million views. It features several well-known videographers on the platform (Inoxtag, Mastu, Maghla or Joueur du Grenier) who try to sell their latest content to the user. In a fairly well done way, they come out of their videos and enter into a cordial but fiery debate where everyone has their own little reply. It was during a live broadcast on his Twitch channel that Attic Player (alias JdG) provides details behind the scenes of the video:

Cyprien had sent me the lines to do, and I did them on a green background, for the purposes of embedding the video. I took the liberty of adding small personal variants to him, but strangely he didn’t take any. It was little peaks like that, it stung a little. A little needle that you don’t stick very far.

For example, he underlines the moment when the guests talk about the song (following a line from JDG, around 04 minutes) and indicates that he would have liked to say “No, I’m really talking about songs, music!“.

“I like when it stings”

Nevertheless, it would seem that JdG’s proposals did not convince Cyprien. If we don’t know the latter’s reasons for having postponed them, some comments indicate that it would have been too complicated to manage: the guests of the video already having basic lines, the synergy between them could have been broken in the event of a change. Plus the fact of having to turn the scene behind… In any case, JdG also has an idea in mind when it comes to justifying the refusal. It was during a live broadcast on Twitch, whose clip was rebroadcast on Youtube (see below), that he explains it:

After good, I understand, it’s too “JdG”. But I like when it stings, I like chilli, I like pepper.

A statement in the vein of what Le Joueur du Grenier has been proposing for 13 years and which brings to mind his reaction when asked about the success of Squeezie’s GP Explorer.