You are currently viewing The Ascent: “Cyber ​​Heist” DLC arrives August 18 with scripted content

The Ascent: “Cyber ​​Heist” DLC arrives August 18 with scripted content

First available exclusively on Xbox consoles and PC, The Ascent is now well established on other media, a multi-platform exhibition which the title intends to take advantage of with the imminent arrival of its “Cyber ​​Heist” DLC, which should delight players who have completed the main adventure.

You are still far from the conclusion

Let’s say things very clearly, it is still too great to leave The Ascent. The “Cyber ​​Heist” update will give you an expansion of the story you thought you had completed.

To this end, it will therefore be mandatory to have completed the initial scenario before being able to take advantage of the “Cyber ​​Heist” DLC, this content being playable only on this condition. It is only once this is done that you will be able to enjoy new environments to explore, but also new missions that will be offered to you.

These will be divided into two categories. Some will be essential for your progress while others will be side missions that will still allow you to obtain more or less interesting rewards here and there. Finally, know that your arsenal will also be entitled to something new with the integration of melee weapons

The “Cyber ​​Heist” DLC will be available from August 18 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC for a small checkout of €7.99. As a reminder, The Ascent is also playable via Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.