You are currently viewing The Airpods Pro drop in price and go to 215 €!

The Airpods Pro drop in price and go to 215 €!

The good plan AirPods Pro from Apple at only 215 euros on Amazon – Amazon

Why AirPods Pro are essential headphones?

Apple’s 1st generation AirPods Pro are high-performance, responsive wireless in-ear headphones. It is not for nothing that they have been so often imitated by the big brands. They are equipped with the H1 chip developed by the engineers of the Cupertino company. Result: less latency and more pleasure in listening to music. Magic from Apple, AirPods Pro pair easily with your Mac, iPad or iPhone using Bluetooth. To order the headphones, nothing could be simpler. One pressure on the pressure sensor housed in the stem and you’re done. This intuitive manipulation allows you to control the volume, change songs or answer a call.

Airpods Pro are equipped with active noise technology that drastically reduces the discomfort caused by your environment. A college is talking too loud, the train car is noisy, the noise canceling saves you. The sound bubble effect is reinforced by a spatial audio system with dynamic tracking of head movements. You feel like the sound is coming from all directions. Thanks to the 3 sizes of tips, you always have headphones adapted to your auricle. No more AirPods skipping during workouts. The famous headphones are also resistant to splashes and perspiration.

How to take advantage of a reduced price on AirPods Pro in Belgium?

The 1st generation AirPods Pro are at a really attractive price on Amazon: €215 instead of €279. With a very nice rating of 4.7/5 stars, the headphones are appealing. Users like their compact format, their great autonomy (nearly 24 hours with the Magsafe box) and the reliability of the Apple brand. The sound quality is there and the AirPods Pro are much less imposing than a large wired headset. In short, they are all good.

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