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The accident that caused the loss of voice of Adeline Toniutti, singing teacher at Star Academy

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The Star Academy made its big comeback last Saturday on TF1, with a brand new faculty. Among the teachers, is Adeline Toniutti, with an atypical career. The young woman lost her voice after a terrible accident.

It is thanks to hard work and a mind of steel that Adeline Toniutti has found her voice. The new singing teacher of Star Academy had lost it following an accident, as she modestly confided during her presentation on the telecrochet set. “I was a young hope of opera singing, but I lost my voice in an accident that burned my vocal cords. Everything fell apart for me and I had to fight to be able to speak and above all sing again. But it made me a real specialist in vocal technique. Today my passion is to make singers progress. My goal is to help students discover the full extent of their abilities,” she explained during the prime.

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“I was vomiting blood”

But what happened? The vocal coach was the victim of a domestic accident in 2014. Adeline Toniutti returned to this appalling incident on the program “Ça commence today” with Faustine Bollaert on France 2. The Star Academy singing teacher had his airways scorched from a chimney fire. “I woke up one night with my salivary glands completely dried up. I was vomiting blood,” she said.

Despite the treatments, her voice did not return. The surgeons she met at the time told her they did not want to operate. “It was a kind of incomprehensible medical wandering. We didn’t understand. We found a vocal cord virtuoso (…) who told me to wait six months, we found a broken vocal cord”, explains the one who was finally operated on several times before finding her voice.

Today, Adeline Toniutti is at the head of Calyp, the Center for Lyric Art in Paris “which has been training and curing singers for five years”.


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