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The 4 best mobile subscriptions at a maximum of €10 per month in Belgium

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Who are the players in this sector? Proximus is omnipresent, on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries Scarlet and Mobile Vikings. Orange is timidly present via its hey! sub-brand. Three virtual operators (MVNO) complete the cast: Youfone (Proximus network), edpnet (Proximus network), Neibo (Orange network).

Under these conditions, how Choose low-cost SIM card? In the table below, we compare 14 mobile subscriptions billed at a maximum of €10 per month, before designating the 4 best according to 4 criteria:

1. The most economical

2. The most balanced

3. Data priority

4. Call Priority

Subscriptions Price per month calls SMS Data Remarks
Youfone 200min/SMS 250MB 4 € 200 minutes* 200 * 250MB * 200 minutes or SMS
hey! 1GB 7 € 60 minutes 500 1GB
Youfone 200min/SMS 500MB 7 € 200 minutes* 200 * 500MB * 200 minutes or SMS
Youfone unlimited 250 MB 7 € Unlimited Unlimited 250MB
edpnet 400 mins/SMS 1 GB 8 € 400 minutes* 400 * 1GB * 400 minutes or SMS
Scarlet Red 8 € 300 minutes Unlimited 1GB
Youfone 200min/SMS 1GB 8 € 200 minutes* 200 * 1GB * 200 minutes or SMS
Neibo Blabla 8 € 500 minutes Unlimited /
Neibo Mix Budget 8 € 250 minutes Unlimited 1GB
Youfone 200min/SMS 3GB 9 € 200 minutes* 200 * 3GB * 200 minutes or SMS
Youfone 200min/SMS 5GB 10 € 200 minutes* 200 * 5GB * 200 minutes or SMS
Youfone unlimited 500 MB 10 € Unlimited Unlimited 500MB
Proximus Mobile 10 10 € 90 minutes Unlimited 250MB
Mobile Vikings 1.5 GB 10 € 150 minutes Unlimited 1GB

1. The most economical

Our choice. Youfone 200min/SMS 250MB. €4 per month. 200 minutes of call or 200 SMS, 250 MB of data.

Tenant of the Proximus network, Youfone has reduced the price of the cheapest mobile subscription in Belgium to €4 per month. This is a formula reserved primarily for those who want to be easily reachable and/or able to make an emergency call.

If the bundles are exceeded, the call minute will be charged €0.15, the SMS €0.05, the MB of data €0.05.

2. The most balanced

Our choice. Scarlet Red. €8 per month. 300 call minutes, unlimited SMS, 1 GB of data.

Subsidiary of Proximus, Scarlet has just revised upwards the volume of data for its mobile subscriptions, without affecting prices. Scarlet Red is no exception to the rule and now benefits from 1 GB of data per month instead of 500 MB (0.5 GB).

By adding unlimited SMS and 300 call minutes, Red stands out as the most balanced economic subscription, which allows you to surf carefully and call reasonably.

3. Data priority

Our choice. Youfone 200min/SMS 5GB. €10 per month. 200 minutes or 200 SMS, 5 GB of data.

Youfone is the only operator to encapsulate 5 GB of data in the entry level (up to €10 per month). Big downside, SMS and call minutes are reduced to not much. Those who opt for this formula will have to fall back on instant messaging to communicate easily with their contacts.

4. Call Priority

Our choice. Youfone unlimited 250 MB. €7 per month. Unlimited calls and texts, 250 MB of data.

Once again Youfone is doing well. It is the only operator to offer unlimited calls for a maximum budget of €10 per month. The counterpart is having to deal with only 250 MB of data (3G/4G) per month.

Why such a Youfone presence?

Youfone dominates this comparison by occupying 3 of the 4 recommendations. Why how ? Unlike its competitors, this virtual operator which rents the Proximus network invites you to precisely configure your mobile subscription according to two criteria, the volume of data and calls / SMS.

There are 7 options for data and 2 for calls / SMS. This means that Youfone markets a trifle of 7 significantly different subscriptions at a maximum of €10, compared to 1 to 2 for its competitors.

Absentee base

Owner of its mobile network in the image of Proximus and Orange, Base is conspicuously absent from this comparison. The operator just misses its integration in the comparison: its subscription which combines unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and 5 GB of data is billed against 11 € per month, provided that it is subscribed online.

Base also distributes the Base 0 subscription, at the price of… €0 per month. It’s an atypical combination that charges a high price for the smallest service: €0.25 per call minute, €0.10 per SMS, €0.10 per MB of data.

Discounts via packs

This comparison focuses on mobile subscriptions taken out independently, outside of a pack. Reminder: operators grant discounts and/or improve the conditions of SIM cards added to a pack that combines several services (Internet, TV, landline, etc.).